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What we do?
We are establishing a network of Indoor Digital Billboards that run ads and local content and work with your marketing teams in order to provide exposure to not only our hosts, but our advertisers as well.
Hosts and Advertisers

Our network is made up of Hosts and Advertisers.

Host’s are those brick and mortar businesses that offer high traffic and long dwell times to qualify for installation of an ad screen so that advertisers can garner the highest amount of ad views. 

Advertisers are those businesses that cannot be a Host but want to have exposure on the network and subscribe by purchasing an ad.


Having a screen placed in your location makes you a host. Promote your business on our network. There is no cost to become a Host.


Promote your business in our Host locations on our network. Exclusivity is possible. 

Our Customers Love Us!
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“I think it’s awesome how other small businesses can introduce 
themselves. I love it!”


Owner, Mari's Pizza & Italian

“This is very valuable and my customers love it.”


Owner, CopyCo

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